Stick to the Script

A few weeks ago I responded to a prospective client about scheduling a call. I wrote:

"Feel free schedule time here:"

A few days later I did that again but had to find the link because it wasn’t in my clipboard history.

Another prospective client asked me about rates and "how I charge". So I wrote a quick email outlining those items. My pricing options are as follows:

  • Hourly: $$$
  • Daily: $$$
  • Weekly: $$$
  • Retainers: Minimum 16hours/month $$$
  • Flat Fee: TBD based on project scope that we'd define together.

From that day on, whenever someone asks about my rates I paste this script into an email and hit send. That’s when it hit me, I can write a script!

Now when I write something I think I’ll need again I create a script. The point is for me to write it once and use it anytime I need it.

When a company calls or emails, I read or paste the script. Overtime I’m sure I’ll edit the script and keep revisions to compare notes, update for more successful phrasing, etc.

The scripts I’ve written so far:

  • About Me & Progress Labs
  • Pricing Options
  • Bio (different than About Me)
  • Common Pricing Rebuttals

Bonus: I recently purchased an app called aText which is a text-expander. This saved me from searching my clipboard history or going to links for things like calendly, mailing addresses or bank info. Definitely worth the $5!