Finally a "new" site

It took me forever but I finally built a “new” site. When I say “new” I just mean something that wasn’t a landing page with basically nothing on it.

This is a bit more built out, granted nothing that’s worth a huge award or “ohh-ing” and “aww-ing”. Just something that is better than what I had before and is an actual system that allows editing/updating to happen a lot easier.

For this site, I decided to build on a static CMS I haven’t tried before - Jekyll.

I’m familar with liquid templating but haven’t really used it too much and figured this would be a great opportunity to get into something new for a quick weekend project.

I’m hoping this new site and CMS will enable me to write more and document my work frequently. I’m totally aware this won’t make me write, but considering it’s pretty easy, maybe I’ll be more open to the idea of documenting the stuff I do in my life, personally and professionally.