High School

In high school I knew one thing: I was going to college. I picked my major based on the “cool factor” of each major. I entered my freshman year of college as a Journalism Major because free clothes sounded pretty awesome (fashion journalism was the goal).


I quickly realized Journalism is hard and not guaranteed. The opposite of what people told me life would be like with a college degree so I changed to Public Relations because I heard it was a more reliable career and paid more overtime.

My junior year of college I did one semester at NYU to get a taste of the city. I figured since New York City is the #1 media market I should probably go there for work. This was a perfect way to see if I could make it work in New York considering I never visited before that winter semester.

Real World Pt. 1

My NYU plan worked out. I had a job immediately after graduating at a small advetising agency in Chelsea. I was an account executive and couldn’t be happier. I worked with a big name client, American Express and felt like gold. Then I realized all we did were emails. And sometimes banner ads.

Real World Pt. 2

After the first agency I ran through a few more. Trying to find the perfect balance of agency life, clients, projects (and project budget) and colleagues. But nothing ever really fit. In fact I pretty much hated what I was doing. Not because we were stealing from people or telling lies but because I wasn’t stimulated and felt like I was unable to give my best effort in any capacity. Partly due to company politics on the account-team side and partly because my heart wasn’t in it.

On February 13, 2013 I was laid off from Digitas.

The Decision

At that point I was faced with a decision: go get another job I hated or change my career. Out of shock I applied to one place for a strategist position but then realized it was worthless. Luckily I landed one last freelance gig as a strategist and created some cushion in my bank account. At that point I knew I was going to focus on what would make me happy in my professional life: web development.

The Current

And thats’s where I am now. I’m a web developer and I love what I do. Everyday I get to do what I really enjoy doing. Everyday I get to really challenge myself mentally and provide value to people who appreciate what I do.

I build at work, I build for freelance clients, I build for personal projects and just to learn new things. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How To Reach Me

Want to reach out? Maybe to just chat? Maybe becauase you’d like to work together? You can email me, tweet me, find me on github.