3rd Season of The Start

3rd Season of The Start

With the third season of The Start done I finally have some time to discuss how it panned out.

The first thing to note is the third carried on without our original co-host, Nick. He decided to work on something else and insisted it carry on, so I went on!

And since I became the podcast’s sole-owner, I made the decision to not seek advertising. Mainly because of time but also because I felt cheap trying to leverage my audience and guests for money. Especially when I was unable to guarantee the effectiveness of the advertisements.

With those two things squared away, I was able to focus on the podcast and create a season I believe was varied in guests and topics.

For those looking to listen to all episodes of season three of The Start you can find them here:

  1. The Committed - Lara Hogan of Etsy
  2. The Split Professional - Karl Stanton of Huge
  3. The Artist - Jen Mussari
  4. The Fortuneteller - Karolina Szczur of &yet
  5. The Perspective - Ben Howdle
  6. The Letter - Claudina Sarahe of OddBird
  7. The Student - Yesenia Perez of Intuitive Company
  8. The Risk - Keenan Cummings of airbnb
  9. The Mentor - Andrew Norcross of Reaktiv Studios
  10. The Citizen Scholar - Randy J. Hunt of Etsy.
  11. The Dad & Designer - Dan Mall of Superfriendly
  12. The Season 3 Recap

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